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Proven expertise in identifying internationally trusted products and industry leading technologies from around the world and tailoring them to profitable and capable business models expanding, both internationally and domestically

We always stay close, stay proactive and stay practical to support our partners and clients to the fullest

Our diverse team of professionals includes Sales, Finance, Product Development and Growth Marketing talents

Our planning and executions are always backed by strong references to Return-on-investment and Profitability indexes

We have strong bonding with medical experts and high-tech manufacturer to actualize idea in the shortest of time

The only boutique-consultancy service firm you need to catch global opportunity in wellness & beauty industries

With proven result in niches of Hair and Nail Salons, Spa and Beauty Clinics, Fitness and Vet Centers, we’ve got you covered

Highly responsive and fast turnaround toward requests & inquiries

Flexible design and construction package based on size of investment

All-in-one integrated marketing communications & growth service

Full package of recruitment, training and human resource coordination

Packaged professional operating process of international standards

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