Expanding in Vietnam using an Investor Visa

As the Covid-19 pandemic wreaks havoc around the world for the second consecutive year, countries around the globe are adopting stringent measures to keep the spread in check

The Fitness Industry is Rising in Vietnam

In an economy that is continuously changing, one industry that has remained dependable and almost eternal is the fitness industry. According to a study, Vietnam recorded the highest growth in obesity in Southeast Asia from 2010-14 with a 38% increase, according to Saigoneer. This can be attributed to economic growth, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

Vietnam Company Registration: How to Choose The Right Location for Your Business

The industrial zones in Vietnam have been rising tremendously due to the substantial increase of foreign investments. The Vietnamese government continues to put in more efforts and draft a legal framework to boost the foreign contributions as well. This is an interesting thing to know for foreign entrepreneurs looking to establish businesses and engage in […]