THE FIRST LOOK ACADEMY is the trusted training center in Beauty and Fitness in Vietnam.

With a leadership team with more than 20 years of experience and many partners around the world, TFL offers advanced courses in beauty and fitness. By always updating knowledge, trends and improving physique, we have thousands of students working at many professional, 5-star fitness and beauty centers in Vietnam and Asia.

Our Specializations in Health and Beauty

Establish and manage the training process according to international quality standards

Training students to work professionally in health and beauty centers: beauty / fitness / wellness consultants, therapists, nurses, personal trainers , nutritionist, customer service agent, beauty/fitness/health ambassador…

Our students often have access to high-tech equipment, professional and high-pressure environments

Why choose us ?


We are always accompanies, active in actions and always give the best support


We have many experienced professionals in Health and Beauty care


Our training programs are based on the research of leading experts in the world


We have good relationships with medical professors and high-tech brands/manufacturers


HIGH QUALITY / SPECIAL TRAINING PROGRAMS: We promote professional and personal development, tailored to the individual needs of every student by doctors, beauticians, dermatologists.

PRACTICE IS KEY: in addition to foundational theory, our students spend most of their time practicing in professional workplaces, high-tech equipment and as probationary staff in clinics/studios/ 5 star spa.

INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS: we have strict standards in training and testing, ensuring that students after graduation can access the needs of all companies and corporations with high standards.

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